having a budget is important because it help u not spend as much money as you normally would. Having a budgets lets and helps you visualize where your money is going to. Having a budget shows you the difference be needs and want. need are things you need like of course to pay your rent for your house, you need food because without food you will starve and die, and you need clothes because you can go to jail for public nudity. those are needs these are wants. junk food like chips, and chocolate bars, take out is a want because your too lazy to find something in the refrigerator, spending your money on electronics when you have a perfectly dated phone to communicate. the difference between those two is that needs are absolute things you can not live with out. Wants are the things you want to fulfill your pleasures. If you only spend you money on the needs you should have money left over to put in your savings account. Extra money is always good to have for emergency you never know what can happen. the most useful information i got was from “Tips for High School and College Students.” Tips for High School and College Students. Copyright © 2015 CARE. All Rights Reserved., 2015. Web. 26 Oct. 2015.   it told me that if im at a store buying stuff think about rather its needs or wants because that can help me save more money.

my career choices

when i grow up i want to be a plastic surgeon. i want to be a plastic surgeon because i would be able to make people happy with them selves. there are a lot of unhappy people because of their body. rather its from an injury or from being bullied or they just simply unhappy with there body’s. i want to be able to put a  smile on that person face. some people may think that it change gods art work but i really don’t i don’t see the problem with putting a smile on a persons face or making them happy for the first time in a while a while. The annual salary made in a year is $257,450 Physician / Doctor, Plastic Surgeon SalaryPhysician / Doctor, Plastic Surgeon Salary (United States)//

my second job choice would be flight pilot i would choose this job because i would love to travel even though i would be the driver. It seems like a lot and it is because your responsible for other peoples life and yours. flight pilots make $79,798 a year .© 2008–2015, Glassdoor. Glassdoor ® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc.

Computer apps and English.

My computer class teaches me where to store my documents without getting them lost. It also teaches me how to site things, but most of all computer apps taught me how to send documents to my emails so when im at home i can work on them. I’m taught how to site my work. so when i do research to write or blog i know how to cite work so its not plagiarism.

In English we are learning how to write parallel plots , poems and short stories. all of these papers must be typed and electronically turned in.In English it usually is a 4 day process. a parallel plot is two plots in one story that eventually comes together at the end or conflict. Sourced from Study of Literature department  English, National  Kaohsiung

Computer apps  help with my English class because i have to write a lot of papers and they have to be typed. sometimes i do not have enough time in class to finish and  I have to work on it at home. I don’t have a USB drive  so i have to figure out how i’m going to get  my work done before the day its due. I have a study hall and i can go to the English tutoring center but sometimes that isn’t enough and if i don’t get that paper done that tends to bring my grades down.


wearable technology

wearable technology in my opinion is the future. its going to be the new way of how we do things. were going to depend on this technology. we already do it with today technology. there’s new technology like wireless mouses. you put a ring on your finger and it acts as a like a mouse it does everything that a regular traditional mouse would do. this technology is going to make  difference in our lives because not only are we going to depend on for everything. to eat dress and to tell our moods. wearable technology might be able to tell us if were sick or not

my classes

In my math class i learned how to add and subtract. i knew how to do it before but its wasn’t my strongest skill. i would miss count often. it wasn’t the adding it was the subtracting.  eventually i got better at it i just needed another technique.the second thing iv’e learned  this year was how to find to get rid of x in a equation. we worked on this last year but there was some many kids in the class room so it was hard to get the help i would need when i didn’t understand a concept. i’m just glad there isn’t as much kids in my class room this year. another thing that i have learned this year in math was how to do a in and out chart. this is very brand new to me its where you have an equation and you have to fill out a chart on the way  your suppose to complete the problem.

In my science class we are learning about atoms we have to create bohr charts we have to subtract the atomic number from the atomic mass. This help with my math because it help me with subtracting i’m not strong with that. i also learned how to create a Lewis chart too. one rule to the Lewis chart is you have to start on the right and go counter clockwise.

all in all my science and math class both help me with something that im going to need to know how to do in the future that’s subtracting. if i dont know how to subtract i could easily be ripped off because i gave that person more money than what was need and they could easily rip me off

internet what i believe

internet definition: The global communication network that allows almost all computers worldwide to connect and exchange information. Some of the early impetus for such a network came from the U.S. government network Arpanet, starting in the 1960s -google definition.

internet to me is a system contain information , communications etc. the internet can be anything it doesn’t matter but honestly the internet help many people everyday but it always tears peoples lives apart because some people aren’t careful about what they put on the internet. the internet is going to expand as i get older , its going to be used differently but this doesn’t scare me because i’m open to change as long as it isn’t bad .

ethics meaning to me is the way a person caries them self. for example me i’m a responsible person not because i have to but because i feel that what needs to be done because when your not responsible your reckless and you don’t care what is done. being irresponsible with catch up to you one done at the moment it could be harmless but one day your going to eventually harms someone and realize you need to change. responsibility to me means i need to get things done to be successful

morality means knowing the difference between right and wrong. I would say i handful of people in the world know the difference between wrong and right and those handful of people know the consequences. when people decide to commit a crime like robbing a bank i understand its not right but sometimes people have a bad record and its hard to get a job, some of those people have families to feed, lights to keep  on. Now there are charges like rape ,and murder  those people deserve to be in prison for life harming another person isn’t right nor acceptable but this is just my opinion.

privacy i think everyone should have privacy that’s when a person can really be their self. america is the home of the brave and “free” so people should have privacy. no one should feel uncomfortable, but still people do. i wouldn’t want to be famous because they have no freedom. every move they make is criticized. we are only human and people make mistakes.

right? what are rights ? some people don’t know so they are treated like dirty, your right entitle you to own what you want as long as you have bought it, or inherited something . rights allow you say what you want when you feel like it and wont get in trouble. you can have your own religion its what you want .




















3D printing

3d printing is going to change the way we live because 3d printing can print anything right now parts houses shoes. a lot of thing this is major so if we need a cell or arm or something its possible. this helps a lot more than most people think actually a lot of people have no idea that we have made a 3D printer. this  is the next new big deal. this may change not having to need a downer. The wait for an organ  heart etc. but this is going to be way much more expensive.3d printing can even help us during the war there planning on making the printers smaller so the soldiers can carry them around with them during war and print multiple ones so that if they do run out all they have to do is make more. by copying children’s 3d book scientist have done the same using complex model shapes to mimic the brain circuits’. plastic surgeons are also using 3d printers they print a replica of what the patients face should look like and use it during surgery to guide them.


technology is important !!!!!!

Its important to use technology because  its an easier way to connect with people and on top of that its an easier way to look or research things. sometimes not everything on the web is true but sometimes it is and it becomes really helpful. technology is the reason why we might find a cure to cancer.

what is RSS

everyone wants to know what RSS is well folks i know what is is now!!!!!!! this rss is a new kind of website that gives you up to date information on news killer wanted people that type of news. its useful to those who use to those who like the news an want to be informed on whats going on around them or in the world. for those who don’t I encourage you to try it
its really usefully

what is a blog

when i hear the word blog i think of a wed page on the internet where people share their thoughts and emotions.sometimes these emotions including females crying over their boyfriends breaking up with them… and those thoughts include conspiracy theories. basically any page that’s on the internet was once created as a blog. you can never be to sure if your blog will ever be liked or seen. but honestly a blog can be used for anything it doesn’t really matter.